Why You Should Have Your Jewelry Appraised through Westwood Jewelers

Why You Should Have Your Jewelry Appraised through Westwood Jewelers

It’s important to have your jewelry appraised regularly. In fact, most professionals recommend that you have your jewelry appraised every two years. If you wait longer than two years, then your appraisal may be out of date, and, if you have insurance for your jewelry, it could be covering less than what your jewelry is now worth.

While insurance purposes are an important reason to have your jewelry appraised regularly, it isn’t the only one. In fact, there are dozens of reasons to have your jewelry appraised, such as these.

1. Family Heirlooms Can Have a Surprising Value

Most people have a family heirloom lying around in a cupboard or jewelry box that isn’t being used. Even if you don’t plan to sell it or take out insurance for it, it can be interesting to see how much a family heirloom, such as a necklace or a ring, is worth at the present time. More often or not, these pieces are extremely valuable.

Family heirlooms don’t have to be just jewelry, either. We also appraise old coins and antiques.

2. Modifications Change Value

You should also consider an updated appraisal if you plan to modify your jewelry in any way, such as with a new stone. When you modify your jewelry, you’re not only changing the value of your jewelry, but also its identification. That means that if it gets stolen or lost after a modification, you’ll need an updated appraisal for the report. You may also need an updated appraisal so that you can upgrade your insurance to cover the new value of the jewelry.

3. You May Need to Sell Your Jewelry

You may also find that you need to sell your jewelry at some point. If that is the case, it’s important that to make sure you are selling your jewelry for what is it worth at the moment rather than an outdated appraisal. This is also important to prevent a legal dispute from happening between you and the person you are selling your jewelry to cover the cost or value of the ring.

Let Us Appraise Your Jewelry

Whether your appraisal is outdated or you’re seeking to sell your jewelry, let us appraise your jewelry today! Here at Westwood Jewelers, your jewelry will be appraised by certified gemologist dedicated to offering you the best experience. If you’re looking for more than an average appraisal, we can also create certified reports that include information on details such as size, materials, clarity, cut, and quality. This extra information can be extremely helpful, especially if your reasoning behind getting a new appraisal is that you’re looking to sell your jewelry to either another person or a jeweler.

If you have multiple pieces you would like appraised, you can bring either bring them for an in-store appraisal, or, if you feel uncomfortable bringing multiple pieces of expensive jewelry into public at once, you can schedule for a certified gemologist to visit your private address for an on-site appraisal. To schedule your appraisal today, you can contact us here!

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