Watch Repair

Westwood Jewelers: Your Watch Repair Specialists

No matter what type of watch repair you might need, we can help.

Despite living in an age in which everyone owns a cell phone that displays the time, there can be no substitute for the personal watch.

Combining elegance, simplicity, and sophistication, hand watches and pocket watches are timeless and will never go out of style. Although many people still own watches, they seldom wear them due to dead batteries, broken watchbands, or other repairable issues.


Repairing Timeless Pieces

We are fully versed in all aspects of watch repair and modification for all types of watches, including:

  • Vintage watches
  • Antique pocket watches
  • Modern luxury watches, such as Rolex

Whether you need your watch crystals or battery replaced, your dial refinished, your watch cleaned or polished, custom alterations or more, we are here for you. We love nothing more than getting your watch operating perfectly again.

Watchband Replacement

Regardless if you need a new watchband for your watch or you need your metal watchband resized to fit you, we can get your watch looking great and fitting amazingly again. We have a diverse set of watchbands to choose from, including many different types of leather and metal bands to bring out the very best of your watch’s features.

Watch Resizing Services

It is important to ensure your watch fits properly. Otherwise, your watch will be uncomfortable or even fall and risk getting damaged. Although it is natural that your wrist may grow larger or smaller, this doesn’t mean you can’t still wear your favorite watch! We offer watch resizing services to ensure that your watch fits you comfortably and becomes a part of your everyday wardrobe.

To find out more about our watch repair services or to speak to a watch repair specialist, please call us at 310.441.0043.

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