Jewelry Appraisal

Know Your Worth

Chances are you have some family heirloom lying around not being used but instead collecting dust. If so, it is probably also true you have no idea of this item’s worth.

Although it is not essential to sell such possessions, it is always good to get your valuables and jewelry appraised for knowledge sakes as well in the incident that you could use extra money.

Whether you are in need of rare coin appraisal, diamond appraisal, ring appraisal, gemstone appraisal, antique appraisal, or more, we are happy to provide our premium jewelry appraisal service for all of your valuables.

Licensed gemologists on staff

At Westwood Jewelers, we are proud to have licensed gemologists on staff who can give you precise and accurate details on all of your valuables. We have years of experience giving appraisals on valuables and enjoy enlightening you as to the true valuable of your objects.

In addition to regular appraisals, we can also create certified reports of your valuables, detailing such attributes as materials used, size and weight, types of stones used, types of metal cast, carats, clarity, cut quality, workmanship quality, and more. This is excellent not just for your own information, but also useful in case you decide that you want to sell your item to another party.

On-Site Jewelry Appraisal

In addition to our in-store appraisal services, we are also pleased to offer you on-site jewelry appraisals. If you have many valuables with you and you don’t want to risk bringing your items with you in public, we are more than happy to come to your private residence or other address to assess your valuables in-person.

To book an appointment or find out more about our jewelry appraisal services, please call us at 310.441.0043. We look forward to working with you.

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