Bridal Jewelry in Los Angeles

If you are looking for best resource for bridal jewelry in Los Angeles, Westwood Jewelers is here for you. For decades, we have remained the most trusted source for bridal jewelry in Los Angeles. From simple wedding bands to extravagant engagement rings and everything in between, we promise we can help you find the perfect bridal jewelry for your unforgettable day.

Custom-designed bridal jewelry

When looking for bridal jewelry in Los Angeles, trust Westwood Jewelers will have exactly what you have in mind. We love nothing more than helping you find the ring of your dreams. Often times, this requires designing a beautiful engagement ring from scratch. Our expert jewelers can happily design rings and wedding jewelry from scratch while incorporating any specifications or ideas you may have. From choosing the carat of a diamond or type quality of a gemstone to the fine detailing on the metal band of the ring, our customized wedding jewelry service allows you to have total control of the appearance and build of your engagement ring. This is perfect for meeting a budget, and for allowing you to choose the ring style completely.

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