Custom-Made Jewelry

Custom-made Jewelry made right

One of the greatest joys when it comes to jewelry is having the opportunity to design a piece of custom-made jewelry for yourself or a loved one to wear. However, doing so is often easier said than done. Designing custom-made jewelry can be outright overwhelming if you are not working with a dedicated specialist with years of professional experience. Thankfully, we at Westwood Jewelers are here to help you each step of the way. Having designed jewelry professionally for large luxury jewelry brands and small clients alike, working with us, you can rest easy knowing all of your jewelry ideas will be executed flawlessly.

There are a few ways to design your own jewelry.

Bring in an image

Let us imagine there is a piece of jewelry that you have a photograph or image of and want made.

Instead of having to chase down the designer who made this piece of jewelry and pay a premium price for the item, you can come to us and let us make it for you. Having a wide selection of metals, diamonds, and color stones at our disposal, we can make you a comparable piece of jewelry using less-expensive components. This allows you to wear nearly-identical high-quality jewelry, but at a more moderate price.

Start from scratch

In addition to designing your jewelry from a photo, you can also work with us and design your own jewelry from scratch.

It is possible that you have every aspect of your desired piece of jewelry already thought out. If so, we are more than happy to cast your design for you. Otherwise, we can help you both plan and execute idea.

From finding out your fashion sense and helping you decide the type of metal for your budget to even the type of stone that will complete your piece of jewelry, our custom-jewelry service allows you to build the jewelry of your dreams.

Jewelry Modification

We also provide jewelry modification services so that you can combine different elements of your pre-existing jewelry into new wearable pieces. This way, you can take precious family heirlooms and transform them into modern versions that you will proudly wear.

3D Imaging

When you are ready to finalize the design process, we are here to provide 3D imaging so you can see what your ideas will look like. This way, you can make any modifications to the design before your custom piece of jewelry is cast.

For more information about our custom-made jewelry service, please call us at 310.441.0043.



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