Jewelry Repair

Jewelry Repair – Preserving Your Priceless Pieces

If you want to get the most enjoyment out of your jewelry as possible, it is essential you regularly take advantage of jewelry maintenance and jewelry repair services. This will not only ensure that your jewelry fits perfectly but will also bring your old jewelry to life, make it look amazing, and protect it from future damage.

Due to everyday use or physical damage, your jewelry naturally will need repairs. Stones and diamonds can separate from metal and need to be refused. Under weight, metal can distort in shape and need to be sculpted back again. Thankfully, with our jewelry repair services, your jewelry will be restored to excellent condition and stay that way for many years to come.

Ring Resizing

Obviously, not everyone has the same finger size. Because of this, if you buy a ring or have one passed down to you, it is often essential to get it resized to ensure it fits you comfortably. Even then, there is a possibility your fingers will change in size.

Instead of surrendering your old rings, and bracelets too for that matter, you can easily get them resized at our jewelry store. We are versed in working with all types of metals and materials and promise when we are done working on your treasured items, your jewelry will look great and fit perfectly.

Jewelry Cleaning and Jewelry Restoration

No matter what metals or stones have gone into your jewelry, your jewelry can benefit from routine jewelry cleaning. With the use of advanced solvents, we can clean and polish your jewelry to make your valuables more beautiful and clean than you’ve ever seen them before. Regular cleaning can also help your jewelry resist oxidation, corrosion, and tarnishing.

For more information about our fully-insured jewelry repair, jewelry resizing, and jewelry cleaning services, please call us at 310.441.0043.

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