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The LA Jewelry Store

We at Westwood Jewelers are pleased to be the most trusted LA jewelry store.

We carry a wide selection of jewelry at every price point so that every customer can be served perfectly. With decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of jewelry, we are intimately familiar with every metal and gem that goes into the jewelry-manufacturing process and guarantee that all of our items are of excellent quality.

Wedding Rings, Bracelets, and More!

Whether it is a ring for a wedding, a bracelet for a birthday, a pendant or necklace for a holiday, or more, we have the perfect selection of jewelry for any occasion. We have every possible type of material you could want to build the perfect ring or piece of jewelry for any occasion.

Our expert jewelers are experienced in making perfect cuts in rings, and guarantee that all jewelry will look beautiful and fit perfectly, regardless of your budget.

Conflict-free Diamonds and Authentic Gems

When buying jewelry with diamonds and rare gemstones, it is always important to make sure that all components are authentic and coming from a good source.

At Westwood Jewelers, authenticity is our top priority. We are proud to sell certified conflict-free diamonds so you can rest easily knowing that your purchase is for a good cause. Being certified gemologists, we make sure that our gemstones are properly identified and of exceptional quality too.

Premium Metals

At Westwood Jewelers, we carry every type of metal you could possibly want for a ring, bracelet, necklace, or more. From rare, premium metals of the highest quality to less-expensive materials that still look and feel beautiful when worn, we have an incredible amount of materials to help you assemble the jewelry of your dreams at an agreeable price. Premium metals we carry include rose gold, white metals, platinum, palladium, and more.


We carry high-quality watches for you to choose from, including independent manufacturers as well as large brands such as Rolex. We also buy watches, and perform every type of watch repair you could possibly need in-house, including recalibration, watchband repair, and battery replacement.

To see examples of our LA jewelry inventory, please visit our gallery.

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