The Benefits of Having Your Fine Jewelry Professionally Cleaned

The Benefits of Having Your Fine Jewelry Professionally Cleaned

From time to time, you may notice that your fine jewelry doesn’t look as brilliant as it used to. Due to regular wear, it may have become dirty and dingy. The time is right to have it professionally cleaned by a jewelry expert at Westwood Jewelers. Bringing it into our storefront has its advantages and is something you can do during our hours of operation.

What Makes a Professional Cleaning Ideal?

So, what makes a professional cleaning something you want to be done regularly? Why would you spend money on the service when commercial cleaners are available to purchase from the store? Couldn’t you just do it yourself at home as needed versus bringing it into the jewelry shop to be handled by a jeweler?

Some of the benefits of having your fine jewelry professionally cleaned include:

  • It preserves the beauty of the piece. A good cleaning makes even the oldest piece look as good as new quickly. You’ll be reminded why you loved the jewelry in the first place when it sparkles in the sunlight. A professionally cleaned pair of earrings, necklace, ring or bracelet looks high-end and ready-to-wear.
  • It helps identify problem areas that need repair. You may not even know you have a worn spot or loose stone until after the jewelry has been cleaned. The jeweler can take care of the repair at the same time that they clean the piece. That way, it doesn’t break and become a piece of scrap jewelry because it wasn’t fixed in time.
  • It makes you want to wear the jewelry more often. Wearing certain jewelry infrequently makes it so you don’t need to try cleaning them at home often. Now that you know that Westwood Jewelers can take care of the task for you, you’ll be more compelled to wear and enjoy your jewelry regularly. You’ll have less work to attempt to do yourself.

Professional cleaning is hands down the best option for your most precious jewelry pieces. It ensures that they aren’t handled incorrectly. Even if you have commercial-grade cleaning solutions at home to use on your rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, it’s always best to allow a jeweler to perform a cleaning for you.

Schedule Routine Cleanings of Your Fine Jewelry Right Away

Having your jewelry cleaned by a professional has its benefits. Not only does it help preserve the natural beauty of the piece, but it also helps prevent it from becoming damaged over time. You should have your favorite jewelry cleaned by Westwood Jewelers routinely.

If you’re not in a position to do so because you live too far away from our shop, you can have another professional jeweler take care of the task for you. The point is to let someone skilled at cleaning all types of precious metals and stones handle cleaning them carefully. There is less risk in doing so because a trained professional knows how to handle fine jewelry in a way that doesn’t scratch or damage it.

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