Make Money Off Your Unwanted Gold

Make Money Off Your Unwanted Gold

There are a lot of companies offering you money for your gold in Los Angeles. None are quite like the certified gold buyers at Westwood Jewelers, however. We have your best interests in mind as we work with you to get the best prices for the jewelry you no longer wear or want.

The Types of Gold That We Buy

To better understand what we mean when we state that we buy gold from our customers, we’ve listed the types of items we pay top dollar for. Reference the list anytime you need a reminder of what jewelry you should bring to us. When in doubt, carry it with you into our store and let our experts take a look at it.

We buy the following types of gold daily:

  • Gold Chains. It doesn’t matter if they’re broken or tangled. They’re still a valuable source of gold to us!
  • Unmatched Earrings. Again, jewelry doesn’t need to look ‘perfect’ to have value. It can be mismatched and still earn you cash.
  • Precious metals such as gold often increase in value from the time of purchase. The coin collection that cost you a minimum investment a decade ago could be worth much more today, and we’ll find that out for you.
  • Bracelets and Rings. Dainty or bold, we love buying gold! There’s no reason to hold onto jewelry from past relationships or pieces that you never loved in the first place when it can make you some extra money.
  • Dental Gold. Don’t let a trend from the late 1990s and early 2000s go to waste. Let us see your grill and give you a fair price for it.

Even if it’s something you’re not sure about, bring it in. Our certified gold buying experts want to take a look at it and possibly make an offer to buy your jewelry. You’ll also need your state ID or driver’s license so we can properly identify you in our system.

Gold Selling Tips for You to Consider

Keep in mind that safety is our concern for you as you travel with your gold jewelry. Having a bag that you keep your items in, concealed from the public, is advisable. It also ensures that you don’t drop anything while you’re transporting it from your home to our jewelry store.

You also don’t need to clean or untangle the jewelry that you want to sell. We accept it in ‘as is’ condition. If you choose to use our gold buying services regularly, you’ll learn quickly how we work with you to get the best prices available on the jewelry you no longer wear or want.

Precious Metal Buying Experts Westwood Jewelers Wants to Buy Your Gold Now

Sell us your unwanted gold today! At Westwood Jewelers, even the broken pieces are valuable. We give you the best value for the gold that you have in whatever condition it is in. Bring your platinum and silver jewelry to us today, too, and get extra money for something you’d otherwise throw away.

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