Top Luxury Watch Repair in Westwood

Top Luxury Watch Repair in Westwood


Don’t Give Up On Your Watch

Time is everything. For many people, watches are their main device of keeping track of their schedules and guiding them through the day. For some, watches are a form of style. Like most things; watches will eventually break, turn rusty, and the battery will die. That is why no matter what sort of maintenance that you need, the service at Westwood Jewelers should be your obvious destination for luxury watch repair. Despite the age of cell phones, a personal watch has no substitute. Discover the way that we can service your vintage, digital, regular, and luxury watches and the many watches we have on display in our store in Westwood.

Watch Repair and Battery Replacement

Our luxury watch repair could be considered for several reasons. If you need your dial refinished, a thorough cleaning or polish, if the band of the watch get damaged, if the links get broken off, and finally, if you need crystal or battery replacements; our service can provide everything you’re looking for. Our experienced team is well-versed in the elements of watch repair. Thus, we can accommodate all types of watches including wristwatches, pocket watches, vintage, antiques, and modern luxury brands.

When you want to replace a watch battery, a good tip is that it is better to replace one before it is dead completely. Most watch batteries have a life of about 2-3 years, maybe 5 years, depending on the watch and its features. We have the tools specifically designed to carefully open the case and install the new batteries, ensuring that nothing gets damaged in the process.

Changing Watchbands

Another useful service that we offer is replacing watchbands. It’s an unfortunate thing if your watchband breaks, but we have a variety of new watchbands to choose from including bands made out of leather and metal. We also ensure that we can properly resize your new band to fit you perfectly. Furthermore, whenever you need a resizing of your watch, we can easily help.

Watches in the Store

Beyond watch repair, Westwood Jewelers has a large of collection of luxury designer watches from brands such as Belova, Guess, Omega, Wittnauer, and countless more. Antique, vintage, and luxury is our specialty. We welcome everyone to stop by Westwood Jewelers whenever you are in need for a watch repair, resizing, or battery replacements. We hate to see your favorite watches get tossed because it died or got damaged. Set up your luxury watch repair service with us! Its never too late.

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