Discover the Perfect Jewelry for Mother Just in Time for Mother’s Day

Discover the Perfect Jewelry for Mother Just in Time for Mother’s Day


Owner Arthur Kirakossian and the finished ring.

Deep From The Heart

As Mother’s Day is fast approaching, it’s the ideal time to start thinking about the absolute perfect gift for your mom. We can’t think of anything better than premium jewelry for mother. After all, you should get something extremely special for the woman who raised you your entire life. Jewelry would perfectly sum up your personal adornment to her, which is why it makes for a flawless gift. To make this gift even more unique, custom-made jewelry and repair are available at specialty jewelers like Westwood Jewelers in LA. Read on and discover more about how you can make your mother or the mother of your kids feel even more special on Mother’s Day.

Personalize For Her

Custom-made jewelry is one of several terrific services offered at Westwood Jewelers that is perfectly suited for the holiday. How special would it be for your mother or the mother of your children to recreate an old, precious jewelry of hers. Imagine if you can restore your mother’s precious heirloom or bring back a lost treasure from the past. Our designers and specialists comes with years of valuable professional experience in custom-made jewelry. You can come to us with a simple image of the item and we can make it for you. The finished product will be made up of a wide selection of authentic diamonds, metals, and color stones.

Design From Scratch

If you want to design something special for her, we’ll actively work with you to personalize your jewelry from scratch. You can decide on the metal, the type of stone and just about every element that you wish to have. You have our assurance to flesh out your design exactly how you envisioned it.

Modify and Restore

Another service that suits the upcoming holiday is our Jewelry Modification. Take a precious heirloom and transform it into a wearable piece of jewelry for mother to wear. Finally, does your mother or wife have a broken item that she never had a chance to fix? We can repair, re-size, and restore old jewelry to look new again. No doubt, an unforgettable gesture for her.

Perfect for Mom

Mother’s Day is all about mom and we want to help you make it extra special for her. In addition to our services, Westwood Jewelers holds a wide collection of antique and authentic jewelry on display, from earrings, rings, bracelets, to watches. Come by 2318 Westwood Blvd. to get started on the ultimate jewelry for mother.

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