How to Clean Your Jewelry at Home

How to Clean Your Jewelry at Home

Social distancing doesn’t mean that you have to neglect your jewelry. In order to keep your jewelry in the best condition, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, you may notice that it develops a dingy, dull appearance that negates the radiance and beauty of your gemstone or metal. However, visiting a professional cleaner may not be an option for you right now. That’s why, to help you keep your jewelry in the best condition, we’ve compiled a guide to help you clean your jewelry at home. While each material will require a different technique and a gentle hand, these tips will help keep your jewelry clean until you can visit a professional cleaner. 

How to Clean Your Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the strongest materials on earth, but even they’re susceptible to grime and tarnish. Oils, sweat, dust, perfume – your diamonds go through a lot when you wear them, and it’s important to clean them often by diluting either dish soap or ammonia with water and allowing it to soak. You can then use a soft-bristle toothbrush to clean your diamond. Do not allow your diamonds to air dry.

How to Clean Your Pearls

Pearls are very fragile, so it is important to be extra careful when cleaning them. Unless heavy tarnishing is present, you don’t need to use water to clean them, just a dry, gentle cloth. In fact, soaking your pearls in water can damage them due to their porous, absorbent nature. When it comes to pearls, the best way to clean them is to prevent build-up, to begin with. Put them on last when getting ready, wipe them down after every use, and make sure that you store them in proper, dry conditions.

How to Clean Your Gems

Cleaning gemstone jewelry is much more difficult due to the variety of stones that could be used. Lookup a guide specific to your stone and follow those instructions, as some can be damaged by water or harsh cleaning. 

How to Clean Your Metals

Two of the easiest metals to care for and clean are platinum and gold.

Platinum has a sturdy composition that makes it prone to resist common issues such as tarnishing or build-up. However, like all fine jewelry, it is still susceptible to cleaning damages such as scratching from over-polishing. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to care for, however. If you want to polish your platinum at home to help restore its shine, you can use lukewarm water, a mild dish soap, and a gentle piece of fabric, especially a chamois cloth. Rub gently while polish so as not to cause any damage then allow either the piece to air dry in a safe, ventilated area or dry gently with a special cloth.

Cleaning gold is a similar process, no matter what type of gold it is. There are special gold polishes you can purchase, and, if heavy tarnishing is present, you can soak your gold pieces in a mixture of lukewarm water, dish soap, and a few drops of ammonia to help remove it.

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