February: The Month of LOVE

February: The Month of LOVE

There are certain things that mark a year and make each month meaningful for various things. For instance, January reminds us of new beginnings, a chance to start off fresh, but also of snow, cold winter days and lots of comforting food to warm the coldness. February is the month right after it and while nothing in particular changed regarding the weather, people do feel very different about this month. It’s still cold but there are numerous events and holidays that warm up your heart and soul and bring you closer to your friends, family and all the others around you.


As the month of love, February is the time when we celebrate Valentine’s Day and we make time for remembering love, we emphasize on the importance of having someone special in our lives and how they make everything better. While this month is associated primarily with Valentine’s Day, the journey of love doesn’t stop there. It’s the month where the Random Acts of Kindness movement is held where you are encouraged to do something for other people, randomly, and make their winter more bearable. This boosts faith in good deeds, in being humane, helpful and thoughtful. The International Friendship Month is, you guessed it, February, and the love doesn’t stop there either.


All these days and weeks that celebrate our relationships with the people around us give us the chance to make up for the lost time. To show we care and we remember all the good things they have done for us. And while we should be doing this throughout the year, February is the month when we take a step further and think of appreciation gifts to show this love. It’s lovely to see hearts and chocolate everywhere (and heart-shaped chocolate), people planning getaway weekends, special dinners, making restaurant reservations and some marriage proposal here and there. You have to admit it’s charming.


Although this all is a wonderful way to uplift the spirit of the people and make them feel better, we have to remember that romance and to be romantic does not equate to expensive or materialistic items as presents. Tiny, personal gestures such as sending the favorite flowers, or cooking their favorite dish from time to time are as good as (if not better) gifts and presents in showing love. Try gifting outside-of-the-box-presents that will set a different vibe in your relationship. People show you their love in different ways. It is in all those details from knowing your favorite flowers to playing your favorite song. The important thing is that they try and do all those things that give you butterflies. Sometimes simplicity is the key to your partner’s heart. Make sure to unlock it this February and relish it all year long.

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