Engagement Ring Styles – Everything You Need to Know About the Top 4 Styles

Engagement Ring Styles – Everything You Need to Know About the Top 4 Styles

If you’re planning on popping the question any time soon and are still looking for the perfect engagement ring, then knowing the different styles of rings can be helpful. A ring’s style includes how many stones it has, how the stone is set, and even how the stone is shaped and cut. Each style is unique, with not just a different appearance but symbolism as well. To help you know exactly which one you should invest in for your partner, here is everything you need to know about the four most popular engagement ring styles. 


If you know any French, then you might recognize that ‘solitaire’ is the word for ‘alone’. While it may seem like a strange name for an engagement ring, it actually refers to the fact that this style of ring boasts a single diamond in a simple band. Timeless, minimalist, and elegant, this is one of the most popular styles for engagement rings due to the fact that it’s a classic. The diamond is set high in the band, allowing the maximum amount of light exposure. This means that, so long as the diamond has a nice cut, its brilliance will be enhanced, making sure that even though this diamond is alone, it’s a showstopper.


This diamond gets its name from the ‘halo’ of smaller diamonds that surround the central gemstone – usually a larger diamond or other luxurious stone. Ethereal, dainty, and exquisite, this ring has quickly risen to popularity and is even described as the ‘new classic’. The placement of the smaller gemstones enhances the central stone, magnifying its brilliance and making it appear larger than it is.  

Three Stone

The three-stone ring has many names – such as the trinity or trilogy ring – that help highlight and show off its symbolism. Three stone rings feature a trio of gemstones. These represent your past, present, and future together as a couple, making this the perfect ring if your partner is sentimental and a fan of symbolic gestures. In three stone rings, the center gemstone, which is usually the largest gemstone in the band, is set higher. This adds depth to the ring and highlights the beauty of the center gem while representing the importance of the present.


This is another ring that borrows its name from the French, this time meaning ‘paved’. This is a name well earned as a single glance at these beautiful gem-encrusted bands will let you see the resemblance to a paved path. In pave rings, the gemstones, usual diamonds, are set close together, making it so that little to no metal is showing through. Due to the fact that the surface of these bands is encrusted with gemstones, it gives the appearance of a solid gem surface with high brilliance and a lot of sparkles. However, while this is more of a maximalist ring, it still maintains a dainty and elegant appearance that is sure to be popular with many people.

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