Antique Watches Stand the Test of Time

Antique Watches Stand the Test of Time

Modest Beginnings

Antique watches never go out of style. Since World War I, the wristwatch (worn at the time by soldiers and aviators) has become a fashion standard. Moving on

from the pocket watch, the wristwatch became popular in Europe before making its way around the world. Today antique watches are now viewed as well…antique. With electronic watches dominating the market we wanted to take a moment to share why we know vintage watches are still in vogue.

Accessories Are About Style Not Function


14K Yellow Gold Longines Antique

Electronic watches have been made for multiple functions from taking your heart beat to being able to answer phone calls but the biggest miss for those types of watches is the design. Although looked at as sleek and modern from admirers, they come across as being uniform. At Westwood Jewelers we believe what makes an accessory breathtaking is its beauty and uniqueness not its functionality. Yes they look cool but with limited options they all look relatively the same. And who wants to walk around wearing the same thing everyone else has on?
From flashy to simple, antique watches can compliment your personality or outfit easily. Our 14K Yellow Gold Longines antique watch is simple with a link chain that drapes around your wrist and a square clock shape for texture. The elegance in the 14 karat gold watch is definitely a conversation piece. Other wristwatches that we’ve designed are just as alluring. The Wittnauer Ladies Watch comes with 10 filled stones on the sides that sparkle under the lights. Similar to the 14 karat gold watch it also has a square clock for a classy appeal.


Wittnauer Ladies Watch

Don’t Be Standard. Be Stylish.

Electronic watches might continue to grow into the future but a classic wristwatch especially one from Westwood Jewelers will always be more original than a standard cell phone watch. And especially since we customize designs and ideas you bring to us, it’ll also be more individual and personal. With our watches you can show off your true style. Stop by Westwood Jewelers today at 2318 Westwood Blvd. in Los Angeles and check out our beautiful watches in person.

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