5 Ways to Present a Jewelry Gift on Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Present a Jewelry Gift on Valentine’s Day

Nothing says “I love you,” more than a beautiful piece of jewelry. Celebrate the person you care about most in the world with a gorgeous necklace, ring, bracelet, watch or pair of earrings today. In addition to being able to select the perfect option for your sweetie, you can also have the jewelry appraised. That way, the recipient knows what it’s worth so they can properly insure it.

As important as the jewelry itself is the presentation of the gift. Think about all the ways you can work it into your afternoon or evening plans. Part of the thrill of giving a pendant, engagement ring or timepiece is surprising its recipient.

Here are five ways to present a jewelry gift on Valentine’s Day:

1. Create a Scavenger Hunt that uses clues for the person to find it.

Give them a reason to remember the occasion by searching for the gift that you’ve bought them. It’ll be exciting to go from location to location gathering clues until the jewelry is found. It’s a great way to build anticipation and to keep the recipient of the gift guessing until the gift is discovered. You can also use different locations throughout the city that have personal meaning for you as places where you go to discover the next clue.

2. Attach it to another gift such as a stuffed animal.

That way, they’re getting two gifts instead of one. They’ll also be unsuspecting because they’ll think that the toy is their main gift. Only you will know better! You’ll be giving them the ultimate surprise that way.

3. Place it in a can, box or other container that isn’t suspicious.

Ask that they open it and watch their expression as they’re thoroughly surprised. Make sure to have your camera on hand to document the occasion! Upload the photos to social media so everyone can enjoy your loved one’s expression when they receive the gift that you picked out for them.

4. Have the waiter or waitress deliver it while enjoying a meal.

Let them be in on the fun. It’ll be a highlight of the serviceperson’s evening knowing that they were able to help you plan a memorable surprise. You can have them present the gift at the end of the meal with the bill or earlier in the evening when they bring out the food that you’ve ordered.

5. Place it in a bouquet of flowers.

A beautiful floral arrangement serves as the perfect vessel for exquisite custom jewelry. Hide the earrings, necklace, ring, watch or bracelet among the petals and stems. Place the flowers on the table prior to eating the meal that you prepared.

Make this February 14th one filled with memories. You’ve got the right idea by shopping Westwood Jewelers for a special Valentine’s Day gift. In addition to bridal jewelry and antique pieces, we create custom jewelry for that special someone in your life. If you want a one-of-a-kind type of setting, let us know what you have in mind by bringing in a photo for inspiration.

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