5 Jewelry Mistakes to Stop Making in 2020

5 Jewelry Mistakes to Stop Making in 2020

Your fine jewelry is extremely precious to you. It’s expensive, luxurious, and sentimental, and the last thing you want is for something to happen to it. However, it’s easy to make mistakes that you may not even realize are damaging your jewelry or leaving you vulnerable to accidental thefts. To help get the best lifespan out of your jewelry, try avoiding these five common mistakes. 

Not having your jewelry appraised

There are many reasons to have your jewelry appraised often aside from wanting to sell it. Say you have your great grandmother’s engagement ring – a valuable family heirloom. Wouldn’t it be interesting just to know the exact value of it? Other than general curiosity, it’s also important to have your ring appraised at least annually for insurance purposes in case something were to happen to your fine jewelry. Westwood Jewelers has trained and licensed gemologists that can help you figure out the exact value of your jewelry. If you’re uncomfortable traveling and bringing your jewelry to the store, they also offer on-site appraisals.

Not cleaning your jewelry

Or, you’re using DIY cleaning hacks that are actually more harmful than good. Gemstones are measured and categorized in many ways, including based on their softness or hardness. This is called the Mohr Scale, and not all stones are created equal. Some, like the mineral azurite, are much softer than diamonds or sapphire and thus are more susceptible to scratches and damages. If you’re cleaning your jewelry too harshly, you can damage it. Not cleaning your jewelry is also bad, however, as it can lower the quality and lead to buildup that, like bad cleaning techniques, can damage your jewelry. 

Not storing your jewelry properly

Your fine jewelry can be damaged by the environment, especially if you live somewhere with a very humid climate. It’s important to invest in a proper storage unit that will keep your jewelry safe. 

Putting your pearls on first 

As mentioned above, some precious stones are softer than others, and pearls, though they are classic beauties, just so happen to be one of the softest. When you put your pearls on before you get ready, you then expose their delicate surface to the harsh chemicals of your hair products, perfumes, and makeup. This can quickly wear down the luster of your pearls. Instead, get ready and put your pearls on when you’re sure you’re finished preparing for your night out. 

Showering with your jewelry on

While it’s tempting to take a shower with your jewelry on – especially wedding bands – it can actually be detrimental to your jewelry’s health. Many gemstones and even metals can be weakened or damaged by water. Hard water and soap scum can ruin your fine jewelry, and the steam and heat of your bathroom can loosen the glue of costume jewelry, not to mention the harsh effects of the chemicals in your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash that are often left behind in the cracks and crevices of your jewelry.

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