5 Fantastic Wedding Jewelry Trends for You to Consider in 2019

5 Fantastic Wedding Jewelry Trends for You to Consider in 2019

When it comes to wedding jewelry, each year’s trends differ dramatically. What could be considered the latest thing one year quickly becomes old news the next. That’s why it’s important to fall in love with the aesthetics of a piece so that it doesn’t matter what other people have to say about it later on. Today’s gemstone could very well replace last year’s raw diamond.

To fully appreciate the artisans behind today’s hottest trends, you must first know what they are. Here, we’ll explore five buzzworthy ideas making their rounds in the jewelry industry. That way, you’ll be the height of style when picking out wedding jewelry for your big day.

Five fantastic wedding jewelry trends for you to consider in 2019:

1. Delicate pearls.

Dainty yet dazzling, smaller pearls are gracing the necks, ears, wrists, and hands of brides globally. It doesn’t matter what the shape or color is, either, as any little pearl will do. The gift from the ocean is one that has withstood the test of time. Pearls continue to be perfect for weddings where couples are encouraged to mix traditional materials with modern materials to create the perfect union of old and new. Pearls can be vintage and perfect for a modern wedding.

2. Statement earrings.

Today’s dresses are toned down in comparison to the past. That gives brides the opportunity to express themselves through the jewelry they choose to wear. Big statement earrings encrusted in gemstones is one of the ways they do just that. Chandelier or drop earrings remain a way to frame the face. They go perfectly with updos, too. If a bride wants the jewelry to make an impression, choosing a bold statement pair of dangles is the best option.

3. Bold-colored stones.

Diamonds may have been “a girl’s best friend” in the past but brighter gems are where it’s at today. You’ll see more couples choosing brilliantly-colored stones opposed to clear diamonds. They opt to wear settings with rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. The bigger the stone, the better, too!

4. Geometric cuts.

People are still in love with geometric designs. You’ll see triangle, octagon, and square-shaped stones in settings. How the stone is cut makes a huge difference in the way the jewelry is worn, too. A big geometric stone works well for pendants and even in post or drop earrings.

5. Mixed metals.

Most couples have a metal preference. They either love gold or silver. Seldom do they wear both. Today’s hottest trend includes mixing metals. It’s not unusual to see a mix of gold, silver or platinum in today’s wedding jewelry. It’s a look that appeals to many couples because it offers the best of both worlds.

Express yourself with the most trend-worthy wedding jewelry money can buy. Westwood Jewelers wants to help you come up with a setting that is enviable by any estimation. Let us know what you have in mind for your special engagement and wedding rings. Using your ideas, we’ll handcraft a set that turns heads wherever they are seen.

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