Heirloom Jewelry is Worth Passing Down from Generation to Generation

Heirloom Jewelry is Worth Passing Down from Generation to Generation

Heirloom jewelry is worth passing down from generation to generation. Start a new tradition with the beautiful necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings that you gift to your loved one. Encourage them to pick someone out to give the jewelry to one day. Explain to this person how important the tradition of passing down the wearable heirloom is.

An Unforgettable Ritual and Testimony of Your Love

Creating rituals that transcend your life feels great. Knowing that the love for a beautiful piece of jewelry you bought continues decades after it was gifted is an incredible feeling. When shopping for an heirloom piece, look for characteristics such as materials used and durability to help you make your final decision. After all, the piece you want to be passed on needs to last, right?

What to Look for in an Heirloom Piece of Jewelry

Some things you’ll want to look for in an heirloom piece of jewelry is:

  • Wearability. Is the piece something that other people want to wear? Will it take the place of another special piece of jewelry that they have and wear often? Is it something that can be worn easily by other people such as a necklace or bracelet? Will it need to be altered in some way for another person to use it? Will a chain lengthener or ring sizer need to be added to make the jewelry fit another person better?
  • Style. Is the design one that transcends the test of time? Would someone ten years from now find the piece beautiful and worth wearing? Does it contain classic gemstones or special ornamentations that make it relevant years later? It’s something to consider when looking for a piece that can be passed down.
  • Convertibility. Can the items be created into a new piece of jewelry? Is the jeweler capable of turning a pendant into a ring or to take the stones out of one setting to create a completely new piece of jewelry? As the original setting wears down, it’s important to think of the different ways it can be repurposed into a new piece of jewelry. This makes it so it can continue to be passed down to the next generation.

A beautiful piece of jewelry is priceless. It increases in financial and sentimental value with each person it’s passed down to. When a person receives such a gift like an exquisite bracelet, it stands out in their minds as one of the most cherished items they own. That’s why they go to great lengths to take care of it so they can give it to another important person in their life.

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