Gemstone Symbolism: What Does Your Jewelry Mean?

Gemstone Symbolism: What Does Your Jewelry Mean?

With stylists and celebrities fueling an obsession with crystals, there’s never been a better time to embrace the beauty of gemstone jewelry. Fine jewelry pieces featuring these stones can give you the symbolic power of a crystal with the elegance and style of a well-crafted piece of jewelry.


Valued in some circles for its healing properties, amethyst is a dark and lovely stone that represents health, peace and wellness for the body and the mind. Think of amethyst as a protective stone for friends and family members who are suffering from some sort of health problem, whether it’s a period of depression or a tough round of cancer treatments. At these difficult times, jewelry gifts can be a nice pick-me-up, and when you give the gift of amethyst, you can see your jewelry choice as heavily symbolic and imbued with protective, healing energy as well.


A stone as fiery and resplendent as opal clearly contains hidden multitudes, and indeed, Pliny the Elder himself described opal as containing all the power of emeralds, garnets and amethyst combined due to the mix of rainbow colors contained in each stone. Also known as the eye stone, opal is a great choice for inspiring hope and happiness, helping those who wear it to see their lives from a fresh new angle.


Moonstone is often considered a stone of feminine power, making it the perfect jewelry choice for women who want to harness their inner strength for a tough upcoming task. The emotional centering and feminine strength associated moonstones also makes jewelry featuring these beautiful gems a great choice for gift-giving to any female force in your life who’s earned your respect and admiration.


Much like the rise and fall of a wave, life has its ups and downs, and pearls are the perfect calming stone to see you through all the trials and tribulations of daily life. Said to possess calming, soothing powers, pearl jewelry is both timelessly chic and ideal for those times when you’re feeling a bit lost at sea or stuck in a negative current.


With their legendary hardness and flashy, mysterious beauty, diamonds are popular stones that are symbolically perfect for engagements and any other occasion that deserves to be supported with the spirit of unbreakable strength. Diamonds support the bonds of a lifelong commitment and underscore the brilliant beauty of finding the perfect match, whether it’s a romantic partner, a dream job or a newborn child.

No matter what occasion you’re shopping for, you can find the perfect gemstone to suit your needs. From protection to happiness and support for a commitment, jewelry can mean much more to the people who wear it than mere decoration. Give your loved ones the ultimate meaningful gift that shows how much you care and how attuned you are to what’s going on in their lives by selecting a gemstone that’s believed to have the right power to support their goals or help see them through a tough moment in their lives.

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