Choosing Your Signature Jewelry Pieces

Choosing Your Signature Jewelry Pieces

While special occasions call for special jewelry, it’s always nice to have a small collection of signature fine jewelry pieces you can wear on a regular basis without even thinking about it. Careful selection is the key to successfully sticking to a simple everyday jewelry routine.

What’s Your Style?

All signature fine jewelry pieces should fit in well with the wearer’s personal style. For example, if you generally dress in a casual, laid-back way, subtle jewelry will suit you better than something flashy. Ideally, your signature jewelry pieces will say something about who you are, but in a subtle way. You can choose a pair of simple solitaire stud earrings featuring your birthstone or pick out a gold necklace with a pendant in a shape that signifies something important to you.

If you like designer labels, you may be tempted by a signature jewelry piece from a brand like Cartier or Tiffany. When you choose wisely, this kind of iconic jewelry can serve as an elegant staple in your collection. However, if you do include one or two of these items in your everyday collection, it’s a good idea to branch out and find something more individualistic and unique to you. You can even have a custom jewelry piece made just for you if you can’t find the exact style you’re looking for to balance out the more commonly seen major label designs in your jewelry box.

Quality First, Trends Last

No matter what your personal style is, your staple jewelry collection should emphasize quality construction, high-end materials and good design that eschews trends in favor of timeless good taste. Jewelry trends can be fun, but your signature jewelry pieces are investments that should stand the test of time. Think about it this way: engagement rings and wedding bands are two of the most common types of signature fine jewelry pieces. While some variations from the standard solitaire-and-plain-band can be quite chic, most people prefer to stick with tradition for these jewelry pieces because they intend to wear their rings for the rest of their lives. Save your trendy jewelry options for special occasions and choose your signature everyday pieces for their ability to look good with any outfit and in any era.

Taking the Plunge

To assemble your collection of signature jewelry staples, it can be helpful to focus on specific items with specific qualities. For example, if you like wearing dainty bracelets, you can start your search by looking for thin tennis bracelets or delicate cuffs studded with your birthstone. After you find your perfect bracelet, you can move on to finding a pair of earrings that suit your style and are subtle enough for daily wear.

You can also curate your collection of signature staples by shopping at a reputable fine jewelry store. Shopping at trendy boutiques often makes it difficult to be sure you’re walking away with a staple item that will look just as elegant and stylish 10 years from now as it does today. Visiting established family-owned jewelry businesses can make it easy to identify high-quality jewelry that’s designed with an enduring appeal.

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