Choosing a Jewelry Gift for Someone Special

Choosing a Jewelry Gift for Someone Special

Winter holidays, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and graduations are all ideal opportunities to give the gift of jewelry to someone you care about. Whether it’s a family member, a friend or a romantic partner, jewelry can be the perfect gift, but it’s important to choose the right piece. While predicting another person’s taste can be quite difficult, there are some steps you can take to make sure your jewelry gift is just right.

Working With What You Know 

Some people have a signature jewelry piece that they wear all the time. This is usually something other than their wedding jewelry—a necklace they tend to wear on a daily basis, a pair of earrings you see more often than any other or a bracelet they never seem to actually take off. In these cases, you have an easy guide to understand what kind of jewelry is best for that special someone.

Working with what you know is easy even if the person you’re shopping for doesn’t have a signature piece. You can simply pay attention to the kind of jewelry he or she wears to tell not only what style and colors they like but also what type of jewelry is best. Someone who always seems to have a fun, dangly pair of earrings would likely enjoy another set of chandelier earrings to add to their collection. A fan of the classic pearl necklace strand may be delighted to receive a pair of pearl stud earrings in a similar shape and color.

Pay attention to details like metal color, jewelry size and overall style to use as a guide for your gift purchase. You can also think about the person’s sense of style—are they normally pretty casual? A simple pair of hoop earrings might be the right choice. Is this person always dressed to the nines? Something more glamorous and eye-catching, like a gemstone tennis bracelet, could be best for well-dressed loved ones. Putting things in this perspective makes it easier to think about what they would want rather than what you would want.

Exercising Caution

Sure, the person you’re shopping for may be bold and adventurous, but that doesn’t mean he or she is happy to wear something flashy. The most fashionable, avant-garde style mavens are often the most particular about what they will and will not wear. Jewelry shopping for others isn’t the right venue for risk taking, and that goes beyond mere style. If you’ve never seen your gift recipient wear a bracelet, for example, don’t buy a bracelet unless you’ve heard him or her say something about wanting to wear more jewelry on their hands and arms.

The same goes for chunky or bold metallic jewelry and large, heavy gemstones. If you can’t imagine the person you’re shopping for wearing a statement necklace, choose something delicate instead. This is the natural next step that follows the previous two pieces of advice. When you know what someone likes and have a factual basis for making decisions about taste, you’ll do a much better job arriving at the right final selection.

Come in and work with us to pick out your jewelry gift. Our experienced staff can talk to you about the person you’re shopping for and will make it easy to find the perfect jewelry gift for any occasion.

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