Building a Jewelry Collection on a Budget

Building a Jewelry Collection on a Budget

While it’s fun to imagine splashing out thousands on fabulous jewels, not everyone enjoys this luxury. But that doesn’t mean you can’t build an incredible jewelry collection. It just means you have to choose wisely!

Take Your Time  

If you’re working on a budget, it can help think of your jewelry collection as a lifetime effort rather than something you need to have right now. You can focus on getting certain staples over the course of years rather than all in a single day, and in a way, it’s much better that way. You’ll have time to really think about what you want and slowly collect the best finds at the best value for a truly worthwhile collection of jewelry.

You can start by picking out some essentials that work in nearly any situation, like an elegant necklace and a pair of gemstone solitaire stud earrings. Then you can slowly add in statement pieces and special-occasion jewels over time. Having jewelry custom made or buying one-of-a-kind antique jewelry on vacation are great options to consider for finding these statement pieces. This can allow you to save up and get exactly the jewels you want

Focus On Your Essentials

Getting exactly what you want is important. More than anything else, a jewelry collection should be a reflection of its owner’s personal style and unique taste. That means you can choose whatever it is you want without worrying about what you should be getting. Don’t get tripped up by outside suggestions of the ultra-expensive jewelry you “need to own” before a certain age. Jewelry is an investment in some ways, but it’s also an expression of who you are. You don’t need to follow anyone else’s rules to make your jewelry wardrobe work.

Focusing on exactly what you want rather than going off of someone’s list can also make it easier to stick to a budget. Being flexible with name brands and designer labels helps a lot too. If you know you want a ring with a purple gemstone set in rose gold, for example, you’ll have a much wider range of options than if you focus only on jewelry from a certain famous jeweler. Gravitating toward the styles that match best with your taste rather than following trends for the sake of it is a good move when your funds aren’t limitless.

Make Quality a Top Priority

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to buy cheap jewelry. In fact, the opposite is probably true. When you only have so much to spend on your jewelry, you’ll want to make it count by investing in pieces you’ll wear over and over again for the rest of your life, and this means not only that the style needs to be right but also that the jewelry itself should be built to last. Going for quality over quantity may not be as fun as spending a few dollars on fashion jewelry every few weeks, but it will pay off in the long run

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