How to Work Together to Choose Wedding Jewelry

How to Work Together to Choose Wedding Jewelry

Wedding rings are highly symbolic for both members of a to-be-wed couple, and that often means that both people have strong opinions on what kind of rings they want to get. Jewelry offers the perfect opportunity for a loving compromise in which the happy couple works together to find the perfect jewelry match for them.

Balancing Tradition with Taste

Most aspects of the modern wedding are pretty practical. Couples tend to live together before getting engaged and discuss their plans for the future before deciding to get engaged. From budget-friendly wedding choices to pre-marriage counseling, couples tend to take steps that they think will set themselves up for success and be as pragmatic as possible. One thing that often isn’t as businesslike is the engagement. Rather than shopping for rings together, most couples still see one member “pop the question” in a storybook way.

Many people forgo this one element of practicality not only because the element of surprise is more romantic but also because it’s nice to have your engagement ring reflect your partner’s taste. You get to look at it and think of what your beloved considered when he or she picked it out, and that’s a really nice added bonus for such a symbolic piece of jewelry. When giving your partner the power to choose for you, though, it’s important to understand that their taste will factor into the decision.

One pragmatic way to reach a good compromise on engagement rings is to make a discussion of budget, stone type and color, metal color preference and other details part of a discussion about the decision to get married. The couple can talk general details together while still preserving some elements of surprise and tradition.

Compromising on Wedding Bands

Because couples tend to pick out their wedding bands together, compromise becomes even more important during this step of the process. Each member of the couple may have a specific idea on what they want from their jewelry, and that can get more complicated if the basic concept in each person’s mind isn’t the same. For example, let’s say that one member of the couple really wants matching rings, while the other would prefer that each person selects their own ring. In this case, meeting a middle ground can involve choosing rings with the same color of metal, choosing different bands from the same designer with a distinctive style or finding a matching set that both people like.

Finding a mutually agreeable matching set can be tough, but that’s when custom design comes in. Custom wedding band design can be a fantastic way to compromise because it allows each member of the couple to specify features they’d like to see. If one member of the couple is dead set on rose gold and the other wants a hammered finish, you can get both elements together. Custom ring design can go even further, allowing the couple to dream up a completely original ring engraving or inlay design that makes both of you happy.

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