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Make Money Off Your Unwanted Gold

There are a lot of companies offering you money for your gold in Los Angeles. None are quite like the certified gold buyers at Westwood Jewelers, however. We have your best interests in mind as we work with you to get the best prices for...

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10 Occasions Worthy of Buying Jewelry For

There are so many monumental and worthy occasions that take place throughout the year. How do you mark an event, milestone or holiday in a heartfelt and meaningful way? Which types of gifts reflect your emotions as you take part in this celebration we call...

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5 Things to Celebrate in January 2019

With a new year comes new memories. From births to weddings to job promotions and retirements, there are many milestones worth remembering. Start the new year out right by making January extra special with the gift of fine jewelry from Westwood Jewelers. Through the customization...

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