Style Tips for Men’s Jewelry

Style Tips for Men’s Jewelry

Jewelry is often seen as a ladies-only affair, but men all around the world often look fantastic while wearing some masculine jewelry of their own. This advice will help you get started with jewelry, and it can also be helpful for women with a more traditionally masculine dress sense as well.

Start Simple and Build Up Gradually

Like any major life change, small steps are often better than giant leaps when it comes to incorporating jewelry into your wardrobe. If you’re a guy who’s never really worn jewelry before (other than that puka shell necklace you thought was so cool in high school), you don’t have to immediately set your sights on Puff Daddy levels of bling. Going too flashy too quickly can make some men feel uncomfortable, so it’s best to start with something simple and elegant to get a feel for jewelry and see what you feel like adding from there.

If you don’t already have a nice watch, that’s a good place to start. A good watch from a trusted luxury brand can be a lifelong accessory. This one purchase kicks off an obsession for some men, who go from cheap calculator watch types to avid watch collectors after getting a taste with their first watch. If you find a watch you like and are satisfied with that, you can try going from there to a simple metal link bracelet for your other wrist or try some contrast with a leather and metal bracelet for your non-watch wrist.

Consider Cufflinks

If you’re already in possession of a great watch, there are other wrist embellishments you should definitely consider. Though they’re worn on the clothing rather than directly on the body like rings or necklaces, cufflinks definitely count as jewelry, and they’re a safe choice for men who aren’t sure whether rocking a gold chain or earrings is a good fit for their style. Men and women who wear beautifully tailored suits but haven’t yet transitioned to French cuff shirts with cufflinks should definitely consider making the switch.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Of course, if you do want to try a bold jewelry look, don’t hold back. Though large earrings and a thick chain won’t look right on every man, if you have the style and panache to pull it off, you should definitely give it a try. Of course, you don’t have to follow other people’s lead when it comes to picking out your jewelry. If earrings and chains aren’t your style, consider thick bracelets or even a dramatic pinkie ring. When worn correctly, a pinkie ring can hearken back to the old days when they first became popular for men, giving a certain edgy vintage charm to a suit or even a casual leather-jacket-and-jeans look.

You may not feel ready for this kind of bold move right away, but give yourself some time. After you get comfortable wearing and styling jewelry and gain some confidence in your taste, you may surprise yourself with how daring you’re willing to get.

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