How to Present a Jewelry Gift

How to Present a Jewelry Gift

Movies and TV shows can make it seem like a grand romantic gesture to give a jewelry gift in an unconventional way, but it doesn’t always work out so well in real life. A ring dropped in a glass of champagne or tucked into a piece of chocolate cake may look romantic on screen, but it isn’t necessarily the best way to present a valuable jewelry piece in real life. Whether it’s an engagement ring or a pair of diamond solitaire earrings for a birthday, the way you wrap or embellish your jewelry gift can add a special extra touch to an already lovely offering.

Vintage Velvet Boxes

While most of the jewelry you purchase from fine jewelers will come in its own box, you can often enhance the presentation by switching from the modern container to a luxurious vintage box. These original heirloom pieces often use sumptuous materials such as velvet and silk, and they have a timeless charm that adds a distinct glamour to an already indulgent gift. From rings to necklaces and bracelets, the containers we use to give jewelry gifts haven’t changed much in terms of shape and size over the years, so it should be quite simple to find a beautiful vintage box in good condition. Most of them are so beautiful they don’t require any additional wrapping or embellishment.

Plain Paper and Velvet Ribbon

Watching a loved one unwrap a gift can be quite a delightful experience. Excitement builds as the ribbon gets removed and the paper gets torn away. It’s a great way of building anticipation for what’s underneath the wrapping and inside the box, which can make the process of giving the jewelry gift even more special. To add a sense of contrast and extravagance to your gift presentation, try using plain paper and a lovely velvet ribbon to wrap up your jewelry box. Standard gift wrap is often too cheap for an extravagant item, but the contrast of simple white paper and a brightly colored velvet ribbon creates an additional delight to the senses. Your loved one will feel the smooth paper and soft velvet ribbon as he or she undoes the gift wrapping.

Repurposed Candy Boxes

Fine jewelry deserves better than being dunked into a sauce or a glass of wine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get clever with a combination of sweet treats and sparkling jewelry. Consider using a candy box as a container for your Valentine’s Day jewelry gift—you can use one of the many beautiful heart-shaped or embellished boxes offered by gourmet chocolatiers for your main gift package. Go for a high-end candy option rather than something you get at the drugstore in order to give the jewelry its due. You can either nestle the box the jewelry came in among the truffles and bonbons or pop the interior jewelry holder piece out of the box and snuggle it inside a clean, unused truffle wrapper. If you purchase your candy in person, you can ask someone at the shop to leave one space unused.

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