What to Do With Old Jewelry You Never Wear

What to Do With Old Jewelry You Never Wear

Whether it was a gift from a well-meaning relative who misunderstood your taste or an old necklace from your college days that you’ve outgrown, old, unworn jewelry shouldn’t be left to collect dust. These ideas will set you in the right direction to making something useful out of those pieces you no longer wear.

Sell It

Westwood Jewelers offers two great options if you want to sell jewelry. The first is appraisal. Having valuable fine jewelry appraised will make it easier to find an honest, reputable buyer and get the full value of the jewelry from the sale. Appraisals from certified gemologists carry weight both at auction and in commercial resale. If you think your jewelry piece could bring in a significant return, it’s definitely a good idea to invest in appraisal.

Jewelry that’s broken, out of style or in an incomplete pairing usually isn’t very valuable for resale. In these cases, appraisal may not even be worthwhile. Few buyers want to purchase a single earring, a bracelet with a non-functioning clasp or a necklace with a prominent stone missing. However, that doesn’t mean your jewelry is worthless. If the jewelry is made from gold, platinum, silver or another precious metal, you can bring it into our shop. We buy gold and other metals and are committed to providing the best deal possible. No matter what sale format you’re pursuing, it’s important to go with a reputable dealer to make sure the sale is in compliance with the law.

Have It Remade

Old jewelry can often be the perfect foundation for a wonderful new piece that reflects your current sense of style. Jewelry that goes unworn is often in perfectly good condition but simply doesn’t represent the wearer’s taste or reflect current fashion trends. When you have perfectly good gemstones and precious metals but don’t like the style, you may be able to have your jewelry remade. This may involve making small changes to the jewelry design. It can include swapping out one color stone for another or removing some length from a necklace, but it can also get more elaborate. Stones can be re-set and metal melted down and made into something else. Depending on the size of the original piece and your goals for the new pieces, you may even be able to turn one piece of jewelry into several!

Get It Repaired

Beloved jewelry that breaks can languish at the bottom of a jewelry box for years even though the owner still loves the piece. Jewelry repairs are often simple to execute and may be more affordable than you think. There are a variety of different situations in which repair can be appropriate. Ring resizing, replacement of missing stones, restoration of broken links or clasps are ways to fix up your jewelry. Your broken piece of jewelry will look like new. If you have an old piece that’s in such bad repair that you can’t wear it, bring it into our shop so we can take a look. We’ll see what we can do to restore it to its original glory.

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