Jewelry Trends for 2017

Jewelry Trends for 2017

A new year means new trends in clothing, hairstyles, makeup and more. Like anything else, jewelry has trends that change from year to year and season to season. In 2016, we had arm cuffs, statement baubles, chokers, stacked rings and rose gold everything. Read on for the jewelry trends that will dominate 2017.

Statement Earrings
Instead of simple studs, people will be wearing statement earrings in all shapes, sizes and colors this year. Loud earrings with bold colors can add interest to any outfit and are an instant conversation starter.

Mixed Metals
Gone are the days where you have to stick to just silver or gold jewelry. This year, you’ll see everyone from celebrities to runway models mixing different colored metals. In fact, you may even see two different kinds of metal on the same piece of jewelry.

Ear Cuffs
Another way of making a statement with your earrings is to wear an ear cuff. They can be small, single pieces that sit just above your earlobes, or they can wind all the way up your ear. Look for ones with gemstones or that have dangling accents.

Pendant necklaces will be big this year, and the larger the better. Think of this as the antidote to 2016’s choker craze. You can go for something big and loud, or pick a more elegant piece. Either way, hang them from a long chain to stay on trend.

Rose Gold
This popular metal from last year will carry into 2017. Rose gold will be everywhere, from costume jewelry to engagement rings. The color looks good on almost every skin tone and can be used in a variety of ways.

Layering Necklaces
This year, the runways are full of models wearing multiple necklaces. Those looking to go big can wear a few different pendants and statement necklaces. If you want to get in on the fun without going overboard, you can layer a few small chains and delicate pieces for a more accessible take on the trend.

Geometric Shapes and Patterns
When you’re looking for pendants and statement earrings, take into account the shape. You’ll see a lot of geometric patterns and sharp, angular shapes this year. Instead of soft, round pieces, look for rectangles, octagons, hexagons and more.

Personalized Jewelry
Necklaces, bracelets and other baubles with your name or initials are going to be huge. First Sarah Jessica Parker wore one as Carrie on Sex and the City when the show first aired. Now it’s making a comeback, with stars like Gigi Hadid and Kanye West jumping on the train. Try a simple monogrammed dog tag or spell out your name with charms.

Colored Stone Engagement Rings
Engagement rings with colored stones have been popular with alternative brides for a few years now. This year, colored stones will become more mainstream. Look for rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals and more to be the main stone in an engagement ring. For those not quite ready to let go of the diamond dream, try a colored diamond. They come in yellow, blue, pink and even black.

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