How to Get the Rose Gold Look

How to Get the Rose Gold Look

With its subtle, coppery shine, rose gold has always been a gorgeous choice for jewelry, but this warm-toned gold hue is having quite a moment in the current landscape of fashion, jewelry and even technology trends. If you want to get the rose gold look, these inspirational ideas should get you started on the right track.

What is Rose Gold?

First, it helps to understand what rose gold is and how it gets its color. Rose gold originated in the 1700s as part of an effort to incorporate more colors than just gold and silver into fine jewelry. As an alloy of yellow gold and copper, this lovely metal isn’t as pink as a lot of the tech products now marketed as “rose gold.” It’s more of delicate peachy-gold shade than crayon pink, which makes rose gold a lovely choice for subtle, timeless jewelry that will wear beautifully for generations.

Rose Gold Jewelry Styles

You can find rose gold used in a variety of different jewelry styles, from pendants and necklace chains to rings and watches. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, modern bracelet or a pair of classic solitaire diamond earrings, you can find options in rose gold. Rose gold is occasionally used as an accent color, but it’s also used as the sole or primary metal in a jewelry piece.

When it is used as an accent, it’s often to lend realistic color to a figurative piece. For example, a pendant in the shape of a single rose may use rose gold as an accent on the petals to bring a subtle pinkish hue into the design. However, rose gold can also be part of a sculptural blend of different precious metals that intertwine or line up next to each other to create an abstract design effect that catches the eye with a glimmering contrast of metallic shades.

Is Rose Gold the Right Choice for You?

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a loved one, rose gold can seem like a bold choice. However, its effect is often much more subtle than it may initially seem when the jewelry piece is lined up alongside more traditional fine jewelry metals such as yellow gold or platinum. Choosing rose gold can be a subtle way of ensuring that your jewelry piece is quietly unique, and it can be a nice change of pace in a jewelry wardrobe filled with yellow or white gold items.

Because it’s enjoying something of a cultural moment, rose gold is an excellent choice for fashionistas, though this classic metal can suit a variety of different personality types and style preferences. Anyone who favors warm, coppery colors is sure to fall in love with a unique rose gold jewelry piece. If you’re looking for a particularly special rose gold item such as an engagement ring or a commemorative pendant, you can talk to the fine jewelry experts at Westwood Jewelers about your custom design ideas. We can help you bring your unique rose gold dream to life.

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