The Different Cuts of Diamonds You Can Buy

The Different Cuts of Diamonds You Can Buy

Diamonds are among the world’s most valued and beautiful gemstones. Brilliant in clarity and cut to perfection, they come in a range of colors and sizes. Diamonds are ideal for custom jewelry settings where they become a sentimental piece for the person wearing them. Diamonds are used in wedding and engagement jewelry as well as birthstone and anniversary pieces because of how highly regarded by society they are.

A Diamond to Fit Every Personality

Diamonds don’t fit the mold by being similar. They’re unique and breathtakingly beautiful which is what puts them in high demand. Jewelers know exactly how to showcase the stone’s beauty by creating settings that complement and display diamonds beautifully. Knowing which shape to buy for yourself helps you narrow down the search for the perfect stone to wear.

Here are the different cuts of diamonds you can buy:


The most popular cut available to date.


This cut is available in square or rectangular shapes.


Rectangular facets and table help bring out the color in colored diamonds.


Perfect for people with hands and fingers that are slender in appearance, this cut of diamond often can be found in wedding and engagement rings.


Pillow-shaped, this cut is available as squares or rectangles.


Trimmed corners make this cut extra special especially when a diamond is placed with other diamonds with different cuts.


Shaped like a teardrop, this unusual cut is symmetrical and beautiful.


Timeless like round cut diamonds, oval cut stones are easy to match with other pieces of jewelry.

Each cut of a diamond has its own distinct shape and characteristics. For example, round diamonds are the most common because they can be used to fit a wide variety of jewelry settings. You’ll find round diamonds in rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins, and even cufflinks. Their circular shape makes it easy to cluster them together.

The brilliance of round cut diamonds is breathtaking. That’s why jewelers have worked with the stone for hundreds of years. It, along with the cushion cut diamond are people’s favorite because of the amount of shine they put off. When diamonds are cut to resemble a pillow shape, their facets are larger and their corners rounder which adds to their brilliance.

If you want a diamond that you already own to be set into a new piece of jewelry, you’ll have an easier time knowing what to ask for if you know which cut the stone has. That way you can relay it to the jeweler when you ask for a price quote. You’ll also be able to get the right appraisal for the finished piece because you know what the stone you own is actually worth.

Ask Us Your Diamond Questions

Diamonds are among the most personal and beautiful gemstones available. If you don’t know much about them but would like to choose one to place in a jewelry setting, contact us. We’ll be able to explain which cuts work best in the different pieces of custom jewelry that we create for you.

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