What is a Conflict-Free Diamond?

What is a Conflict-Free Diamond?

Like all valuable things, diamonds often follow a treacherous path from the places where they’re mind to the ring on a finger. The jewelry industry has responded to growing concern over human rights violations and other ethical issues in the diamond trade by designating some diamonds as conflict-free. If you’re concerned about purchasing diamonds from war-torn areas and other vulnerable places, a conflict-free diamond may be the right choice for you and the one you love.

How to Buy Conflict Free

Many ethical shoppers focus on diamonds mined in Canada as an easy way to find conflict-free gems for their fine jewelry. While Canada is a leading provider of ethical diamonds, it is not the only peaceful part of the world where these precious stones can be found. Australia and Russia also produce diamonds mined in safe conditions.

The Kimberly Process is a UN-mandated certification program that was designed to counter some of the human rights violations associated with the diamond trade. While this certification effort has been successful, some shoppers remain wary. If you aren’t fully ready to commit to a brand-new diamond, there may be other options for you to consider that can allow you to obtain a classic engagement ring style without any ethical implications.

Alternatives to Conflict-Free Stones

Conflict-free diamonds aren’t the only way to avoid the ethical hazards of the diamond trade. While stones other than diamonds can be obtained in a safe and humane manner, antique diamonds are also a good choice. If your sweetheart loves vintage style or has a particularly elegant way of putting herself together, heirloom jewelry offers a safe avenue to find a unique, beautifully crafted engagement rings that you can purchase without contributing funds to the less-ethical elements of the international diamond trade.

If you are interested in purchasing an heirloom or antique ring for your engagement, it’s a good idea to have it independently appraised to ensure you’re getting what’s advertised. Appraisal can actually go both ways; you may find that the ring you’ve chosen is actually quite valuable and simply needs to be professionally cleaned to return to its full former glory.

Making the Right Choice for Your Beloved

Shopping for diamond jewelry is always a highly personal choice, and that’s especially true when you’re purchasing something as symbolic as an engagement ring. The choice is so significant that many modern brides and grooms even discuss what they might want with their partners before rings are purchased. If you’re opting to stick with tradition and pick out a surprise ring, it’s a good idea to think carefully about what your partner would want from a ring.

If your future fiancé is a socially conscious individual who cares about global issues and ethical shopping, a conflict-free diamond may be the right choice for your engagement ring. Westwood Jewelers offers a beautiful selection of conflict-free diamonds for you to choose from. We can help you make the right style choice with an ethical foundation that shows your future spouse how much you care about her priorities.

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