The Most Common Watch Repair Services Done by Westwood Jewelers

The Most Common Watch Repair Services Done by Westwood Jewelers

Westwood Jewelers offers many services for its customers to choose from. One of the most requested is watch repair particularly vintage watches and antique pocket watches as well as luxury brands such as Rolex which is high in value. Knowing which services await you at our retail location allows you to maintain the timepieces that you own better.

Watch Repair Services Increase the Value of Your Favorite Pieces of Jewelry

A watch is a statement piece of jewelry. It combines function and fashion. It can be a symbol of affluence or be a cherished piece of your family’s history.

The most common watch repair services done by Westwood Jewelers include:

Watchband Replacement.

A worn watchband takes away from the overall appearance of a watch. It also proves problematic because it may become loose or break while you’re wearing it. A new watchband is a quick fix that requires minutes to complete. It adds extra layers of comfort and security to a timepiece. It can make a statement, too, depending on the material it is made from or the color or pattern printed on it.

Watch Resizing.

If you’ve lost weight or inherited a watch from a family member that is too small or too large for you to wear, this service benefits you. Watch resizing is a custom service that makes it so you’re able to wear a timepiece that you weren’t able to use in the past.

Battery and Crystal Replacement.

The functional parts of timepieces need replacement. Batteries and crystals are two pieces that restore the functionality of watches. If you’ve avoided wearing your favorite watch or carrying your grandfather’s pocket watch because it isn’t telling time, you’ll be able to use it after this repair.

Dial Refinishing.

This service allows you to take a stripped dial and restore its finish. When every detail on a watch or pocket watch counts, this minor repair makes a significant difference in the aesthetic aspects of a timepiece. A shiny dial completes the look of the watch.

Cleaning and Polishing.

Vintage watches often show years of wear. A good cleaning brings out the natural beauty of the jewelry and prevents deterioration from occurring. Polishing helps the metal on the watch to shine. It can take a lackluster timepiece and give it a new lease on life.

As you can see, there are many ways that we service new and antique watches. From the watchband to the dial, we have you covered by offering you excellent repairs by skilled professionals. As a jewelry store that has been in business for years, we know what it takes to make our customers happy.

Let Us Be Your First Choice for Watch Repair Services

Westwood Jewelers wants to be your first choice for watch repair services. If you’ve read through the list of services we provide and question if we’re able to help, contact us. We’ll be more than happy to discuss watch repair with you to make sure that we’re able to fix your unique timepiece.

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