10 Incredible Facts About Diamonds That You Probably Didn’t Know About

10 Incredible Facts About Diamonds That You Probably Didn’t Know About

Diamonds are beautiful, powerful, and versatile. They come in a variety of colors and can be cut in a way that enhances their appearance. When shopping for diamonds, there is more to consider besides price. Knowing all that you can about the powerful stones helps you decide which are the most fitting for your piece of custom jewelry.

Here are ten incredible facts about diamonds that you probably didn’t know about:

1. Diamonds are really old stones.

We’re not even talking about millions of years here. We’re talking about them being at least three billion years old.

2. Volcanoes play a role in diamond manufacturing.

If it wasn’t for their eruptions, diamonds would remain 100 miles beneath the earth’s surface. They’d seldom be found because of the amount of digging that was required was difficult to complete.

3. The only way to scratch a diamond is with another diamond.

They’re made of 100% carbon, the hardest material in the world. The beautiful structure of a diamond is formed when the carbon atoms bond.

4. Originally sourced from India, today’s diamonds come from all over the world.

In the 1400s, Indian diamonds were sold in Venice and other European markets. When demand declined, Brazil became the next place to get diamonds.

5. The first diamond engagement ring was given in 1477.

Archduke Maxmillian of Austria gave the ring to Mary of Burgundy. The first initial of her name was formed out of diamonds.

6. Lab diamonds are difficult to distinguish without excessive testing.

Professional gemologists have a hard time identifying them with the naked eye. They need special equipment to do so.

7. The largest diamond is known as the Cullinan diamond.

It was discovered in South Africa in 1905. It weighed 1.33 pounds or 3106 carats before it was cut into nine large diamonds and 100 small diamonds.

8. Diamonds were thought to provide courage in battles.

Ancient cultures wore them as a form of protection. Kings had diamonds embedded in their armor.

9. Diamonds were sought-after even in ancient times.

They were considered extremely valuable and used as decorations. To this day, the diamond is among the most highly regarded stones available.

10. Diamonds have healing properties.

During the Middle Ages, they were used to ward off physical and mental illness. Many healers of today believe in the power of diamonds and other stones for healing.

Diamonds are among the most popular gemstones in the world for good reason. To shop for your perfect stone, visit Westwood Jewelers. We’ll help you choose the right cut, size, and color to meet your needs. We’ll even make sure that the setting its placed in is as beautiful as the diamond itself.

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